Youth Roundtable /

REACH Coalition


Mark Mazzaferro

Youth Roundtable Program Coordinator

"I’m the Communications and Media Officer for the City of Vacaville, and of the many meetings I attend, the Youth Roundtable is one of my favorites. There’s an energy in the room, and being around young people with fresh ideas and outlooks is inspiring. Listening to the youth of Vacaville over the years has been informative and enlightening for me!"

"We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends." - Mary Mcleod Bethune

Jeremy Craig

Youth Roundtable Program Coordinator

"Hello! As the City Manager, I oversee a lot of areas for Vacaville. The members of the youth roundtable are clearly key to the future of our community! The group has grown in numbers and stature over the years, and I look forward to working with all the members now and into the future!"

Marissa Nuñez

REACH Rock Star of the Year 2018

Marissa has been an active member of REACH for two years. Marissa has grown tremendously in her interpersonal skills by interacting in the community. She participated in the First Annual Summer at City Hall for the City of Vacaville. Marissa became an advocate, and she talked about her experience with the hopes of gaining support to improve the program for years to come. Marissa displays true qualities of a leader, and is a great role model to everyone.

Charlie Doria

New REACH College Intern

"While in high school, I discovered that I have a passion for serving others. This passion grew while working at the Nike Factory Store in Vacaville for five years. I am currently attending California State University Sacramento in pursuit of a degree in Communication Studies. To continue in my journey of serving others, and to grow as a leader I wanted to be in an environment that promotes positive, self-growth for everyone. That is exactly what I get to experience everyday as a REACH student intern."

Sarah Nona

REACH Youth Coalition Intern

"I’ve lived in Vacaville my whole life. I love traveling and my cat Otis. I am currently an Intern with the Vacaville Police Department’s REACH Youth Coalition. My passion is to help people by making positive impacts on the lives. REACH has allowed me to fulfill my passion by being able to mentor Vacaville youth."

Judith Franco

REACH Senior Program Coordinator

"I’m a Senior Program Coordinator with the Vacaville REACH Youth Coalition. My pets are my life and I’m an animal lover. I also love my community. I have a passion for working with young people and building them up. Being a mentor is what I strive to do. It was mentors that helped me get where I am now and I wish to continue to follow that legacy."


To participate in REACH please submit the following application at a REACH meeting.
Students must submit an original application signed by a parent or guardian.